"Charlene is a wonderful teacher!  Her vibrant personality and vast musical knowledge make her the perfect instructor for singers of all ages and skill levels.  It is truly a great pleasure studying with her"

Domenico S. / Voice Student

"Words cannot explain the gratitude I have for Charlene. She challenged me to grow not only as a singer, but also as a more passionate individual. She taught me about what it requires to pour all of yourself into something you love, and I could never thank her enough for that."

Victoria M. / Voice Student

"Studying under Charlene was wonderful. Through her tutelage, I was able to grow as a vocalist and as a pedagogue. She explained technical concepts so that I could understand them and then attempt to apply them in a practical way. She engaged both my body and my mind in our lessons together. She made me feel comfortable enough to try to take risks, and through her extensive knowledge, she was able to make me feel supported while guiding me in my progress as a musician."

Caitlyn B. / Voice Student

“Charlene was a pleasure to work with during my undergraduate years. Her knowledge of vocal technique, and her ability to share her knowledge clearly and concisely, were invaluable in our voice lessons. She helped me to understand concepts using a variety of pedagogical approaches and guided my vocal development to a level beyond which I had previously believed I could achieve. She demonstrated kindness, patience, and humour in every lesson and was consistently able to interpret and meet my needs as a singer and as a person. Charlene was an encouraging teacher who continually inspired me to work hard while raising my confidence in myself as both a singer and as an academic. Charlene was an inspiration to me in my own career as a voice instructor, as she demonstrated professionalism and care in every aspect of her teaching.”

Laura C. / Voice Student

"I have enjoyed working with you and I will definitely refer clients again in the future.  I think you're a fantastic clinician!"

Speech-language pathology colleague