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Singing lessons

with Dr. Charlene Santoni

            singer . teacher . academic

Meet Charlene

Dr. Charlene Santoni, PhD

My name is Charlene Santoni and ​I have over 15 years of experience in voice performance and pedagogy. I hold an interdisciplinary PhD in Music and Health Science, and my doctoral research brought together the fields of speech science and singing voice pedagogy. As a result, I have a unique understanding of the voice from the perspective of a performer, a teacher, a clinician, and a researcher. I love music, I love the voice, and I love my work!

I am also a kind person, and I pride myself on providing voice instruction that not only improves voices, but that fosters personal growth with compassion, understanding, and sensitivity. I believe that each person’s connection to music is fundamental, and that everyone has a voice that deserves and can benefit from training and nurturing. 


What I Specialize In

Singing Lessons

Adapted Singing Lessons

for Children

& Adults

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Vocal Intonation Therapy®

Clinical Voice Training &

Clinical Voice

Supervision for Music Therapists

Professional Affliliations


National Association of Teachers of Singing


The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy


Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association


The Voice Foundation


Pan American Vocology Association


University of Toronto Music and Health Research Collaboratory

"Charlene is a wonderful teacher!  Her vibrant personality and vast musical knowledge make her the perfect instructor for singers of all ages and skill levels.  It is truly a great pleasure studying with her."

- Domenico S.

"Charlene approaches technique in a way that is easy to follow and seems attainable.  She is excellent at making you feel like you are capable of difficult passages and techniques."

- Jesse T.

"Charlene is excellent at using a variety of strategies to explain a concept.  If she is using a method that is not working well for a particular student, she creates a new way of explaining."

- Nicole K.

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